Glenn Duker – Lawyer and Solicitor

When you need an experienced lawyer in Melbourne who provides the highest level of legal services, make an appointment with Glenn Duker. Whether you require a solicitor for commercial litigation, property law, family law, trademarks, or a variety of other legal matters, Glenn has the specialist knowledge to provide you with the advice and representation you need.

We strive to use our extensive experience in the following areas of practice to offer timely, efficient and cost-effective legal services for our clients.

Sale or Purchase of Businesses

Buying or selling a business can involve a lot of paperwork, so to ensure that you’re complying with the law, you’ll require the services of a solicitor. Glenn Duker has over twenty years of experience providing legal advice to businesses in Australia. We can assist you with everything from lease agreements and transfers of intellectual property to compulsory acquisitions of land, settlements and much more.

Commercial Leasing

Solicitor Glenn Duker can provide legal assistance and representation for commercial leasing matters, whether you’re the landlord or tenant. We can assist you with negotiating terms, mediation for disputes, drafting leases, revising contracts and more.


Glenn Duker is an experienced litigator and has represented plaintiffs and defendants in numerous litigation cases for the past twenty years. Going to court is a lengthy, stressful and expensive prospect for both parties. That’s why we always aim for mediation as the first step. If we’re unable to reach a resolution through mediation, we’ll represent you in court.


If you’re purchasing or selling a home in Melbourne, we can provide assistance throughout the entire process, from the documentation to guiding you through all the legal steps involved. Buying a home is a great financial investment. Ensure that the process goes smoothly by enlisting the service of an experienced real estate lawyer like Glenn Duker.

Employment Law

Protect yourself in the workplace and speak to us about any employment related matters. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we can assist with anything from drafting and renegotiating contracts to unfair dismissal claims and more complex matters such as settlements.


The transfer of your assets to your loved ones upon your death is one of the most important things you’ll do. We’ll guide you the process of will preparation so that your wishes are carried out as you’ve meant them to be. Glenn Duker, solicitor, is at hand to give you the legal advice and assistance that you need.

Probate Law

Most people will leave assets at the time of their death. Since the death of a loved one is a difficult time, you’ll want a probate solicitor who can treat the matter sensitively. Lawyer Glenn Duker will assist you with everything from obtaining a grant of probate or letter of administration to providing representation should the departed estate be challenged by another party.


Glenn Duker is an expert trademark lawyer who will assist you in a range of matters, from providing legal advice and representation in a dispute through to registering a trademark.

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