Who is Who of the Judges in the Australian Supreme Court

The Australian supreme court was founded in 1903. Since then, there have been 42 justices and 13 chief justices. Three members of the court resigned and joined governor-general positions. These members are Sir William Deane, Sir Isaac Isaacs and Sir Ninian Stephen. Currently, the Supreme Court of Australia has seven justices serving in the Australian court. Below are their names and dates of appointments.

The current Chief Justice is Honorable Susan Kiefel and was appointed in January 2017 after serving as supreme court justice since September 2007. The role of Chief justice surpasses that of judges and administrators. The chief justice represents the judiciary and defends it, especially in issues affecting judicial independence.

The other justice in the Australian supreme court is Justice Stephen Gageler, appointed in September 2012. He was admitted into the supreme court barrister in 1989 in South Wales. He also practised as a barrister throughout Australia in commercial law, constitutional law and administrative law. He became a senior counsel in 2000 and later became supreme court justice.

Justice Patrick Keane is part of the Australian supreme court team. He served at the Court of Appeals and Queensland Supreme Court as a judge. He later became the chief justice at the Australian Federal court and was later appointed supreme court justice. Justice Michelle Gordon was also part of the team. She was appointed a judge in Australian Federal Court in April 2007, where she served until April 2007 when she was appointed as a supreme court justice.

Justice James Edelman had also served in the Federal Court from 2015 until 2017 when he joined the Australian supreme court team. However, he has been practising in various capacities since 2005. Justice Simon Harry Peter joined the supreme court in December 2020. Before joining the supreme court, he has practised law in revenue law, Tax Bar Association and Federal Court of Australia.

Lastly, Justice Jacqueline Gleeson lately joined the Australian supreme court in March 2021. She has worked as a federal court judge since 2014. However, she has been practising law since mid-1991. She was a barrister and left bar towards the end of the year 2000. She became a general counsel at the Australian Broadcasting Authority and later returned to the bar in 2007.