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About Glenn Duker

Since his time as a student at Mentone Grammar, Glenn Duker has possessed an insatiable desire to win. As a talented athlete and member of the school debating team, Glenn had the perfect outlets for honing his competitiveness and powers of persuasion. Pursuing a career in law seemed like a natural course to take. He graduated with a combined Arts and Law Degree from Melbourne University in the mid 1990s – despite completing a major in politics, law had always been his true profession. Shortly after, he began his legal career as an associate at Maddock Lonie Chisholm. It was then that Glenn developed his interest and knowledge in specialist fields such as property law, litigation, commercial law, commercial leasing and family law.

Duker and Associates

Soon after, Glenn Duker left his position at Maddock Lonie Chisholm to form Duker and Associates in the late 1990s. With Glenn at the helm, the business specialised in commercial litigation and was in charge of many successful trademark cases. However, Glenn realised there was a need for change in the way legal disputes were dealt with in Australia. It was then that he made the move up to the sunny Gold Coast, where he established Settle It Legal. The firm’s ethos was to settle disputes out of court with meditation rather than litigation. This move would come to symbolise his dedication and innovative approach to legal practice which has helped many clients achieve successful outcomes.

A Return Home

When Glenn eventually moved back to Melbourne in 2008, he founded PCL Lawyers. Specialising in fields such as commercial litigation as well as property and family law, the firm continues to provide clients with trusted legal advice and representation.

Experience That Matters

With over 20 years of experience in the legal industry, Glenn Duker has become known for being a diligent and passionate solicitor. His reputation for excellence comes from helping many clients achieve successful outcomes in matters concerning family law, commercial litigation, property law and a range of other issues.

If you need a skilled and dedicated lawyer in Melbourne, Glenn Duker will provide you with expert legal advice and give you the representation that you need. Get in touch with us today on 1300 907 335.

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