Commercial Litigation – Tips from Glenn Duker

Commercial litigation is a sector of law that focuses on disputes within or between businesses. Disputes are common with businesses, and parties often either seek a speedy negotiated settlement or choose to litigate their disputes in court. Glenn Duker, a lawyer based in Melbourne, has extensive experience in effectively dealing with commercial disputes. From pre-litigation advice and negotiations to mediations and court appearances, he’s assisted parties in all stages of the process.

According to Glenn Duker, commercial disputes are won on the depth of knowledge and forensic skills of the solicitors. Commercial litigation is expensive and no one wants to be faced with hours away from running their business to negotiate settlements. Be vigilant in managing the legal aspects of your business and prevent commercial disputes from taking place. Here are some of Glenn’s best tips.


Cover Your Relationships with Written Contracts


Would you rather spend a fraction of your legal budget tightening up written contracts or all of it on costly commercial litigation cases? Make sure that you understand all contracts that you’re a part of and ask for clarification of any points you’re unsure of.


Keep All of Your Relevant Documents


Many disputes can be avoided with proof or evidence in the form of relevant documents. These can include contract agreements, correspondence, notes, account statements, cheques and more. It is also good business practice to ensure that all of your documents exist in both electronic form and hard copy.


Manage Disputes Proactively


Communication is essential to keep your business free from expensive litigation cases. Diffuse situations with unhappy customers or business partners before things escalate to a lawsuit. It’s also important to train and mange staff, says Glenn Duker – ensure that their conduct protects your business from being subject to a lawsuit.


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